Publication des Enseignants-Chercheurs

Ahmed KORA “New List Sphere Decoding (LSD) Algorithms for MIMO Detection with LDPC FEC”

IEEE Information Theory Workshop, 2007 (ITW’07), pp 361-367 Sept 2007.

Ahmed KORA “EM Based Channel Estimation and Decoding in OFDM Turbo Blast Detectors”

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15th European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 07, September 2007.

Ahmed KORA ‘‘New List Sphere Decoding (LSD) and Iterative Synchronization Algorithms for MIMO-OFDM detection with LDPC FEC’’

November 2008, IEEE Transaction on vehicular Technology, Vol. 57.

Ahmed KORA “Semi-blind channel estimation based on receiver diversity”

IEEE International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, 2008 (ICACT’ 08), pp 437-441 Febr 2008.
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